WW Tuesday ride to Allerthorpe, 5 September 2023.

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Despite some of the regulars being away, holidays etc, there were still eight of us gathered for the round trip ride, to and from BS church, of 65 miles to Allerthorpe. Front and centre were Bob L, Keith, Gavin, Kathy, Bill, Steve P, Neil and me Steve B, (renamed Crasher).
Pete D decided to try a few hills as he had only ridden to Allerthorpe on Sunday and the prospect of Steve P donning his cossie for a swim dampened his ardour further, so he gave us a miss.
Before setting off we welcomed Keith back to the club and I gave an update on Pete C who was unwell but now on the mend.
Having been on the sick list for over two weeks I suggested a steady one and Bill said he would put his many talents to work by riding on the front. Chapeau.
Riding out of BS we turned right up Rudgate and onto Stutton, Ulleskelf, Cawood on our way to Escrick. With Bill ably supported by his lieutenants Kathy and Steve P he set a steady tempo despite the increasing temperature.
Wheldrake, Elvington, Sutton on Derwent and Melbourne were all ticked off in even time. The bridge at Sutton presented no prob;ems to us even though the local Councils all looked to apply the standard political approach of passing the buck when an explanation is needed of procedure Maybe they will have a plan in their next manifesto!! LOL.
We arrived at Allerthorpe Country Park Lake for 11.45 and while we queued to order there was plenty of room and service was good. The breakfast bun of sausage and egg and coffee for £5.50 was good value.
Sitting at two tables in the decking section, Bill Steve and myself proceeded to put the world to right by having the schools repaired immediately, the trans pennine rail route built and all funded by binning the ,majority of the HS2 project. Good Yorkshire commonsense.
Unfortunately table one were further way and their conversations remain secret!
Alas no time for a paddle Steve and 45 minutes later we set off back via Thornton to Sutton on Derwent, Elvington, Wheldrake where a brief stop for me to have a rest before cracking onto Crocky Hill and Naburn. The river looked inviting and as the heat rose I decided a stop at Copmanthorpe to get a cold drink was necessary and t allowed Kathy to indulge in an ice cream.
The usual route back via Healaugh and Wighill to Walton where we split to take our separate ways home.
Excellent ride and top company, thanks guys. Certainly a warm one.