Boston Spa – Selby, Tuesday 22nd August 2023, 70 miles

Downtown Boston Spa, just gone 9.00am, and things were stirring outside ‘Saint Mary the Virgin Church’.

In the shadows 10 local gunslingers, aka WW, were not there to preach but keen to head east for their first ‘kill’ of the week….another 50+ miler, maybe more.

Sheriff Booker absent, Pete C deputised and was in command. A no nonsense and calculative approach meant a group of 10 would be split into 2 crack groups

of 5, destination Selby. The posse included: Pete C, Keith, Alec, John, Bill, Sean, Dave W, Fred, Bob and a guy with a silly pink water bottle.

Southbound the group sped through Bramham, Aberford, ‘Mickie’ before joining the Great North Road for a while. Passports enabled, the club cut east into North Yorkshire through the hamlets of Lumby, South Milford, Monk Fryston, Birkin, Gateforth and, penultimately, Brayton before lunching in Selby.

Unfortunately, a minor comms mix-up meant 3 riders arrived at Birkin a little late… Sean, Fred and Steve P.

A 15-minute wait was in error as the main peloton had already passed through. However, this short break in the tranquil, isolation of the deserted fishponds proved very therapeutic for some of the party. They sped on but missed a turning at Gateforth. Arriving at Chapel Hadelsey the trio split …Sean and Steve P risked turning back up the A19 towards Brayton whilst Fred departed for an alternative route.

Arriving in the Market Place, Selby seemed like a scene outside Le Cafe Ferroniere, in the Champs Elysées. Claiming to be a ‘regional magnet for passing cyclists’ the ‘Hub’ cafe certainly appeared a welcoming hub of activity….sun-drenched, the earlier group were feasting on a variety of sausage, bacon and other snacks. At £3 for a ‘jumbo’ Americano it’s no surprise this is a favourite stop off for WW easterly bound trips.

Locally owned and run the cafe claims to buy only local produce with the exception of the 100% Arabica top Italian coffee.

Lunch digested the group then set off north through Wistow to Cawood. A planned split then occurred (not in someone’s tights!) as Bill, Sean and Alec headed for Ulleskelf, Tadcaster and then home. The remainder followed Pete C on an anti-clockwise loop via Stillingfleet, Naburn, Copmanthorpe back to Wighill.

There, Pete C, Bob and Keith turned left to Boston Spa whilst the author escorted Dave W back home to Wetherby.

John Baker’s movements were unknown to the author …apologies John.

This was a thoroughly enjoyable, rather pacey ride in good weather and well captained by Pete C in the ‘Guvnors’ absence. Get well soon Steve.

Steve P