Wetherby – Fridaythorpe, Sunday 20th August 2023, 90 miles

Bonas dias amigos.
Dos amigos, Nick and Pete D yours truly, both of a good vintage, like well matured wines, met at the Shambles in Wetherby.
The turn out was low probably due to the Lionesess football final, Paris/Brest for Bob and one who shall remain nameless who thought the distance two far.
Not dismayed we decided to head via Wighill and Askham Bryan for York and go through the centre past the Minster. Traffic seemed light and unusually even around the Minster tourist activity was minimal.
A steady ride brought us to the Breezy Knees Garden Centre, the weather was comfortably warm and pleasant so we sat outside for a coffee and a cake.
We resumed our ride heading for Stamford Bridge and Bishop Wilton followed by the climb up to the top of Garrowby which as you know is a bit of a slog.
At the top, we had a Pow Wow as the traffic was getting very busy heading towards the East Coast and large numbers of motorbikes, no doubt stopping off at our intended destination, Fridaythorpe cafe, we decided to go to Millington instead.
We headed for Huggate and Millington Woods, a very pleasant ride, not Thixendale, but just as nice.
The cafe at Millington was relatively quiet and we sat outside for nourishment and coffee.
We could not get an internet connection for the footy result but the nice waitress sadly informed us that the Lionesses had bitten off more than they could chew and been beaten by Spain by one goal.

With heavy hearts and replenished we set forth on the return leg home via Allethorpe then towards Sutton upon Derwent and Elvington as Nick wanted to get a photo of the notice on the bridge spanning the River Derwent so he could progress his questioning of the legal situation for cyclists with regard to the traffic lights and cycle lane up to the bridge, “good luck with that Nick’
We continued homeward bound via Wheldrake, Escrick towards Naburn where we split and went our separate ways.
It was a very pleasant ride, the rain showers forecast did not appear and the sun kept on shining, “a good day out” as Wallace and Gromit say.

Pete D