Wetherby to Crockey Hill, Saturday 12th August 2023, 50 miles

The plan was to ride to the Pool Bridge Cafe at Crockey Hill. The weather looked fine even though there was a strong southerly breeze.
Only Phil Robertson had indicated he would join me at the Shambles, with Pete D and Bob L meeting us at the top of Bramham hill. Sneaking out of the crowd to swell our numbers was Fred in his jolly giant green outfit. Fred asked me where we were going to which I replied by giving a summary of the route. He said he didn’t know the cafe we planned to stop at, I responded by suggesting he knew very few cafes as he never stopped at any of them. 😜
We headed out via the A168 to Bramham and the two waiting on our arrival. Our route took us along Toulston Lane turning to Stutton before we turned right onto the A162. Phil was recovering from a knee injury and had said he would start with a shorter effort to test the leg out. Consequently, he turned back towards Tadcaster and home as we headed on to Ulleskelf and Cawood. At a steady pace, we set about our task with Pete setting the tempo for the rest of us.
At Cawood Fred peeled off to head back leaving just three club Titans to ride on.
Sticking to the plan we rode to Stillingfleet and then Escrick after which we took the Wheldrake road before turning very sharp left to Crockey Hill to start our journey back. I was guilty of doing a Pidcock forcing Bob into the grass verge as we turned left. Thankfully no grief and apologies to Bob. Two miles further on we turned into Pool Bridge Farm and Holiday Park. Fishing, caravans, open-water swimming are also available.
As we settled inside the cafe there was a very short hardly noticeable shower, which stopped as quickly as it started.
Eggs seemed to be the order of the day with scrambled, poached on toast. Pete had smoked salmon with his scrambled eggs, extra brain power!
Our ride back took us down Howden Lane where some wild numpty charged past us far too quickly on the broken road. On to Naburn Acaster Malbis and Copmanthorpe. The wind certainly helped a little at this stage. Pete was doing a great job pulling Bob and me along as we headed to Healaugh, Wighill and Walton. Thankfully they took pity on me and knocked it back a touch.
Bob was visiting the grandkids so he peeled off at the Walton industrial estate, leaving Pete and I to say our goodbyes as he rode on to Leeds and me to Wetherby.

Thanks guys a great ride and top company.

Steve B