WW Saturday Ride to Askham Richard, 5 August.2023.

With the forecast suggesting plenty of precipitation, one Wheeler suggested we might need arm bands for swimming or paddle boards. Ye of little faith, yes we had drizzle and light rain but nothing was going to stop an iron four venturing out for a ride, even if it was shorter than usual.
Two of us met at the shambles, Alec and I and we collected a further two at Walton, Bob L and Pete C.
Our route took us to Wighill, Tadcaster, Bolton Percy and onto Appleton Roebuck.We were clearly not alone with our endeavours as we passed a number of others showing their metal.
Bob and I were chatting about how easy it seemed for the Revolutionaries to gain access to the PM’s house while Pete and Alec were deep in discussion on electric cars. Takes your mind off the water down the back of your neck.
We took the back route past Acaster Airfield and then onto Malbis and Bishopthorpe turning to head to Copmanthorpe and Askham Richard for a cafe stop at the Grange.
Unfortunately they no longer do bacon, sausage or egg sandwiches! It didn’t stop us making full use of the usual £6 offer.
Well the rain had stopped, even the sun poked its nose out which meant we had a pleasant last few miles home.
Glad we made the effort.