Tuesday 1st August WW ride to Ripon

A late report so apologies to all.
With what looked like a fine day albeit with a stiff westerly breeze ten energetic souls took part in the ride. Eight of us meeting at BS, Bob L, Pete C, Stuart, Steve P, Keith, Neil, Dave W and me with Kathy, who had ridden from Hampsthwaite and Bill who skipped the meet at BS, joining us at Kirk Deighton. In professional style we formed two groups and headed out to Knaresborough and onto Scriven, Scotton, Nidd and Ripley. Having had our noses in the wind we then enjoyed an easier effort as we climbed Scarah Bank on our way to Fountains Abbey and Studley Royal. We did have a hiccup as Pete C had seen a Wetherby Wheelers jersey riding into Ripley and decided to give chase, suffice to say the ghost rider was gone and fortunately Keith waited for him to turn back and rejoin the group. It did mean i wasn’t last up Scarah Bank!
Even though we maintained a disciplined two groups we encountered little traffic on or way to Oliver’s Pantry at Ripon.
The outside seating was available and with good service we all participated in drinks and solid refreshment.
Our route back took us through Skelton to Boroughbridge where we said our good byes to Kathy who turned towards Bishop Monkton and onto Hampsthwaite. The rest of us headed through the Dunsforths and Whixley towards Cattal where Bill headed to Wetherby and the remaining eight rode to Walton where we went our separate ways home.
A Good day out and over fifty miles. Top company., thanks guys.