Wetherby – Richmond, Thursday 13th July 2023, 100 miles

Not quite a dozen Wheelers – unless I’ve forgotten someone – set off from the Shambles this Thursday morning: Frank, Graham, Phil, Steve P, Glynn, Mike, Steve B, Michael, Steve W, Shaun F and myself. We collected Nick along the way and then Geoff and Dennis in Boroughbridge but said good bye to Frank (good to see you Frank). We split into two groups and headed north for Topcliff. Very (very) unusually there was no perfectly placed morning coffee stop on our route to Richmond so while we sat in the sun and waited to regroup in Topcliff, some of us made do with the coffee machine in the local Post Office.

For three Richmond was a bit too far today so they turned here for home: Michael, who had a TT training session (which, to me, sounds harder than the real thing), Steve Ward (who has returned to competing and representing the WW in our local TT league – well done Steve) and Shaun who may have fallen short of a 100 mile ride and therefore will not complete his usual weekly 100+ miles x 3 – though somehow I suspect he will.

It was a bit of a staggered start out of Topcliff (no fault of Graham) and I for one thought I’d never see half our number again that day was amazed to finally catch up, a few miles from Richmond, with a seamlessly reunited WW.

The route north, on quiet and pleasant roads, roughly follows the River Swale, though you don’t get to see it until passing through Great Langton. We stopped once for Phil to repair a punctured and for one of us to show the rest how to fall painlessly onto a grass verge without unclipping!

Richmond was warm and sunny so some sat in the Market Place eating their Greggs takeout while others retired to a nearby cafe.

We followed the most direct route home passing by Catterick Garrison, then some fast good roads before skirting Masham and on though Ripon to Knaresborough where we said good bye to Dennis and would normally have said good bye to Geoff but we’d lost him along the way (last word was he was in Snape – hope you got home safely Geoff).

Just over or just under 100 miles. I think we all had an another excellent day riding. Thanks all for the company.