Wetherby to Selby, Tuesday 1st July 2023, 48 miles

On the Monday evening the weather suggested rain after lunch on the Tuesday. I needn’t have worried as Carol Kirkwood messaged me to say don’t believe the forecast as it would stay fine., pleased to say we had a dry one.
I had posted we would have a shorter ride due to the uncertain conditions with a stop at Riccal.
I was not expecting a large turnout but my charisma clearly was in mint condition with ten riders plus me intending to be at BS church for the start. They were Pete C, Bob L, Neil, Keith, Bill, Gavin, Pete D, Stuart, Phil R and Steve P. Apologies accepted from Kathy and Nick.
On Tuesday morning roll call we had the usual miscreants needing to attend the sick bay, namely Pete C and Steve P, with Phil R AWOL. A brief discussion took place as the numbers meant we might be struggling to get into the Riccal cafe and with the weather certainly brighter as Carol had suggested we agreed on a ride to Selby and the Hub cafe.
We set off through BS turning right onto Rudgate heading to Stutton, from here we headed to Ulleskelf, Church Fenton, Biggin, Bishopwood, Thorpe Willoughby and Selby.
After the cafe stop we headed to Barlby and the cycle path back to Naburn, but not before getting a message from Phil R saying he had arrived at Riccal and wondered if we were on our way. Apparently, he had one of those days where things were not going to plan.He met us at Riccal and we all rode onto the cycle path. Unfortunately Phil’s woes didn’t stop there as he had a puncture requiring at least seven wannabes hanging around to assist.
Moving on to Copmanthorpe we headed the usual route back to Walton, BS and Wetherby.
Thanks guys a great ride and top company.

Road Etiquette

As ride leader I have to accept the responsibility when events on the road result in tricky maybe even dangerous situations.
With there being far more of us in the group, eight, it is important we ride respecting each others safety. There were three occasions when this nearly resulted in awkward moments. Stopping at the straw bales outside Ulleskelf, Bishopwood and in Selby. On each occasion the signaling wasn’t seen and the shout of stopping wasn’t heard or even said, plus a big 20 ton truck close to the rear meant such a sudden action might have been deadly.
It is important signals and calls are passed down the line for everyone’s safety. These issues will certainly happen again as we are human but it is always worth having the reminder.
Finally overtaking on the inside is not recommended and could be dangerous, riding out wide will encourage that practice when we are lined and again a call to the rider in front of on your right or left will help if they are much nearer the middle of the road.
These comments are made following two people advising me of the events and rightly so.

Thank you.

Steve B