Wetherby – Richmond, Sunday 11th June 2023, 89 miles

On a warm, sunny Sunday five Wheelers trundled up to the Shambles: Michael B, Geoff, Nick, Bill and Pete D. With Richmond as the destination we time trialled up the A168 to Boroughbridge, making our way through Rainton and Kirklington to Bedale. Coffee stop was the Cycleworx (sic) café/bike shop which was rammed with cycling customers but Stockton Wheelers’ departure freed an outside table.

Our route to Richmond took us across the Swale at Catterick Bridge, through the Bromptons and past the unseen but lovely (and free entry) Easby Abbey and into Richmond’s spacious market square. Here the peloton spilt with Nick and Geoff lunching at the indoor market and Bill, Pete and myself joining the queue in Greggs. Bill and I had but one thought on entering Greggs which created a dilemma when we both saw there was only one delectable tuna crunch left on the shelf. Suffice to say all ended amicably as one of us opted for delayed gratification.

The Greggs group lunched on a bench looking over the immense Norman Keep and swapped views on professional tennis and cycling before we met up and made our way through Catterick Garrison towards Masham. As we turned left before Masham towards West Tanfield we learned that old tractors are much admired in these parts as piles of traffic from the tractor rally clogged the roads.

From West Tanfield we made our way to Boroughbridge through Wath and Hutton Conyers, Geoff peeling off towards Ripon along the way. In Boroughbridge we stopped at the Spar for much needed fluids, one Wheelers chugging the coke can whilst still in the checkout queue. We then split into two pairs as Nick and Bill made a leisurely return leaving Pete and myself to time trial back in the hot sunshine giving 85-105 enjoyable cycling miles.

Michael B