Wetherby – Fridaythorpe, Sunday 21st May 2023, 79 miles

A late report for last Sunday 21 May.

Destination. Fridaythorpe.

Riders. Graham, Michael Br., Pete D, Steve B., Nick, Bill, Phil W., Dennis.

Route. Stamford Bridge, Full Sutton, Youlethorpe, Bishop Wilton, Thixendale, Fridaythorpe.

Return route. Millington, Yapham, Sutton-upon- Derwent, Escrick, Copmanthorpe

Climbs. Big one at Bishop Wilton. Then approaching Fridaythorpe

After a photo in York we had our coffee break at Breezy Knees for the second week running and this time had no mechanical problems to detain us. Michael had to leave here tho’ for duties at home so the rest went off to enjoy the very quiet lanes, especially on the miles from Stam. Brdge. to Bish. Wilton. The long climb separated the group, some of us taking longer to enjoy the views on the way up,( who are you kidding? Ed), but we were soon reunited at the top on the busy Bridlington Road. Bill and Steve decided on an earlier lunch and headed for Pocklington- probably freewheeling all the way, whilst rest had an easy burst of speed down to Thixendale. These dry valleys in the wolds are very attractive and have decent roads with very little traffic. Curiously they seem to be farmed upside down with the corn on the high bits and the sheep in the valleys. I’m sure there is a reason for it.

Anyway, on to the Seaways Café at Fridaythorpe which is a big destination for motorcyclists. It was packed with big, hairy and, (let’s be honest), mainly overweight men, all covered in tattoos, as were their partners, alongside their shiny and obviously powerful machines. I looked at my companions and thought that people have such different dreams.

Everyone was friendly tho’ so we had our lunch and headed for Huggate and the glorious downhill dash and the next dry valley of Millington Pastures. The remaining ride was a fairly fast cruise through more familiar villages with more Viking-derived names. Nearly home and since Dennis’s route to K’bro was convenient for me, we split at Askham Richard leaving Graham and Phil on the usual Wetherby road. Smashing ride and company.