Wetherby to Sherburn Aero Club, Saturday 29 April 2023, 46 miles

Five Monuments of the Club assembled at the Wetherby Shambles Terminal ready for departure, Alec, Pete D, Bob L, Gavin and me.
One of our regulars was still absent, PC, I believe squatters have moved in mate. The weather was fine but cloudy and not overly warm.
At 9.00 precisely our flight ✈️ took off towards Wighill, Tadcaster, Bolton Percy, Appleton Roebuck and Acaster Malbis. Captain and Navigator was whoever was on the front 😊🚴‍♀️. Bob L brought us up to cruising speed before a short descent across the water and onto Stillingfleet, Cawood and our destination at the Aero Club.
Taking turns at the controls we built up a good speed for five turbo props but were soundly left in the vapour trails of 3 jets who flew past us. We were doing circa 19 mph at the time.
With some fields bright yellow from the grape seed we enjoyed their scent as we passed, knowing that it’s properties are good for improving blood flow, reducing oxident damage etc. Making a safe landing we arrived.
The Aero Club goes back to the 1920’s when the Yorkshire Aeroplane Club operated from there, flying de Havilland Moths. They must have been big buggers to carry the weight of a person.
During the two wars they assisted with production and testing before becoming a flying club as today.
Our coffee and food was excellent, Alec gave the bacon butty full marks while two of us wallowed in a large portion of cheesecake.
Our conversation revealed one interesting fact not known to most of us. Motor home tyres have to be changed at five years even if the tread is still legal. Side wall strength being weakened by the weight, according to Alec. Best lose some timber dude. Yes my friends you heard it first on the WW website.
I commented on Gavin’s cycling shoes as they were bright orange 🍊. He said the colour was not an issue since he always waited for the sales and bought what was left at half price. Even so they still looked like fairy boots worn by the football fraternity.
Our flight home took us to Church Fenton, Barkston Ash, Lotherton and Aberford. Here Pete peeled off for home and at Bramham Bob and Alec went their separate ways leaving Gavin and I to complete the return to Wetherby. Thanks guys another top ride and company.