Boston Spa to Selby, Tuesday 25 April 2023, 52 miles

The previous day I had posted the planned ride and following responses I was expecting six riders. Kathy, Pete D, Bob L, Gavin, ( try not to bonk this week), Keith and me. However like rabbits a further five appeared, John, Phil R, Bill, Stuart and Kenn.
As we were meeting Keith at the lights at the top of Bramham hill at 9.30am, an Engineer was servicing his old boiler ( no jokes please), I delayed the start time to 9.20am.
So off we went along Church Street. Coming the other way dressed in a WW top was an unidentifiable image (large beard, Yeti in appearance). Lo and behold it was Kenn making his first full ride of the year.
Kenn, you need an alarm clock, help with ride time start, fortunately we were starting going towards you.
Once we picked up Keith we split into two groups. Five faster riders taking the route out to Aberford, Ledsham, Ledston, Fairburn, Birkin and Selby. Keith, Kathy, Pete D, Bill and Gavin.
I decided a shorter route was needed to ensure we had a slower but complete ride to avoid anyone struggling. Our route took us to Brotherton, Hillam, Gateforth and Selby.
Highways were out tarring and chipping the back lanes, grrr, why waste money doing this when potholes and subsidence remains to repair on the busier roads.
John peeled off approaching Selby and the rest of us arrived first less than five minutes ahead of the faster group at the Hub. Great planning considering they did certainly seven miles further, or as Pete put it, around the houses. Excellent riding performance by Gavin!

The question was what had happened to Bill, thankfully he had got home safely after slipping back from group one to link up with us, but made his own way to Birkin planning to meet us there. Preferring a more direct journey. Group two didn’t go that way so he decided to head back via Hillam etc., and ride off his cramp. Sorry we missed you Bill. Please accept our apologies.

A mixture of beans on toast, bacon sandwiches and tray bakes fortified our limbs for the ride back.
The faster group went back via Lordship lane to Cawood, Ulleskelf, Stutton and home.
The rest of us took the quicker route to Cawood and Ulleskelf etc. taking it in turn to provide Kenn a wheel as he understandably was tiring. A great effort by him as his first big ride of the year. Weather stayed fine if a little cold.
Great day and company.