Wetherby – Skipton, Thursday 6th April 2023, 68 miles

The weather was looking showery with a westerly wind and Skipton was the sensible destination. Ten wheelers made the shambles starting grid and we headed out towards Sicklinghall. At the top of the Sicklinghall climb we stopped to regroup and split into two groups with the destination being Cock Pit Farm cafe. Greg, Mike Bosomworth, New Sean and Pete Dack set off for a slightly hillier route while Graham, Nick, Glyn, Phil and Steve Pearson looked at a flatter ride. Geoff chose to play piggy in the middle and did his own thing. The flatter group arrived first and just managed to find a seat in the cafe. Luckily the rush subsided and by the time the A group arrived, there was plenty of seating. Pete Dack wasn’t feeling too brilliant and had decided to head home and Geoff and Steve Pearson also turned at this stage.

The remaining seven set off for the iron bridge, Ilkley, Bolton Abbey and the gated road. The gate was open and with a brisk wind in our faces we headed over to Embsay and then to the Coffee Mill cafe in Skipton. Beans on toast wasn’t on the menu but they provided it anyway. As we left we were met by a light rain shower but luckily it didn’t last long as we crossed the hill and headed to Addingham. Then it was over the old bridge in Ilkley and the north side of the Wharfe to Otley. Greg left us here and Glyn departed for Leeds at Pool. The rest of us carried on towards Kirkby Overblow and then home. I managed approximately 68 miles but new Sean who lives in Guiseley must have done a round trip of over 100 miles. Well done, mate !