WW Tuesday Social Ride to Howden, 4 April 2023, 72 miles from BS and back to BS.

Six Marvels assembled for action at BS church. Kathy, Keith, Alec, Pete D and me, I seem to get everywhere! The objective, Howden.
The weather while chilly was blue sky and sunshine.
Away we went over the Wharfe and our first stop. A dropped chain on Keith’s steed didn’t delay us long and on we went towards Wighill, Healaugh and Copmanthorpe with Pete setting a strong tempo, speed Dack 5 😄. Through Acaster Malbis and onto the cycle path over the Ouse. Along Howden lane to Crockyhill and onto Wheldrake.
Kathy had been on a long ride on Sunday and felt a little weary so she decided to head back via Escrick, leaving a dogged five to continue.
The wind was from the south and once we reached Elvington the task became harder. Sharing the work with Pete we battled into the wind heading south from the Melbourne road. The route took in the villages of Leytham, Foggathorpe before our lunch stop at Howden.
Large traditional pasties were favoured by three of us. Pete reminded me to hurry up and order as the queue was stretching round the block 😊.
Tuna salad sandwich for Pete and an extra large sausage and bacon for Alec who had to remind them of his order, he used his charm to get the upgrade. 👌

Heading home with the wind at our backs we took in Bubwith, North Duffield, Skipwith to Escrick. Off the Naburn road we joined the cycle path to Acaster Malbis. Our final leg was to Appleton Roebuck and Tadcaster.
It was now Keith said can we go on the back roads past the old airfield. Apparently the main road was regularly used by boy racers, okay, yes we can but what about the F35 Lightening Stealth Fighters in and out of the airfield? 😁 only joking.
I had only recently discovered how the stealth option worked, Pete wanted a bike with a similar function. 🛫 🚴‍♀️

I then said to Bob L he was due to feature heavily in the ride report, he had become a past master at drafting leaving the lummox (me) on the front.
You didn’t need to then ride on the front to prove me wrong, it was only banter, 😀.

Pete headed home to Leeds from Tadcaster with the four of us riding to BS and then Keith, Bob and Alec took the Clifford road leaving me to head home to Wetherby.
Well done to Alec riding his heavy winter bike all day and to Bob who rode strongly all day and to Pete for his work on the front doing the lions share and to Keith for ensuring we stayed together out on the road. Great day out guys, thank you.