WW Saturday Ride to Easingwold, 1 April 2023, 40 miles.

On April Fools Day morning five determined Wheelers met in the Shambles for a 9.00am start.
Alec, Neil, Bob L, ( just back from Wales), Phil Robertson (good to see you), and me. The objective was Easingwold on an overcast but fine morning.
Rolling out through Kirk Deighton and then to Cowthorpe my plan was to hopefully ride across the northerly wind towards the east and Easingwold. Over the Whixley bump and then the Aldwark Bridge. A sign was out, bridge closed 17 April until the 23 October. Now we know.

You are excused if like me you thought the route was east to Easingwold, my Garmin said north so very much into the wind. So much for my sense of direction.

We were treated to a UFO in the sky as this bright light 💡 🌞 visited us twice. Unfortunately not sure which planet it represented.
Our cafe stop was at Tee Hee where only four of us indulged. Neil was suffering with a dodgy tum so stuck to water while the rest of us had coffee, cake and sandwiches.
The conversation covered our concern for Tim following the Curry night and thankfully we heard later he was okay. Plus an update on Alec’s Le Jog route.

My poor sense of direction did pay dividends as we had a tailwind all the way home. Approaching Wetherby via Hunsingore.

Thanks guys for a good morning out riding,