Wetherby to Bishop Monkton and Boroughbridge, Saturday 25th March 2023, 43 miles.

A sensuous six arrived for a 9.00am start comprising of a Two Bob piece ( J and L), Club official Alec, from Planet X Pete C, Leeds’s very own Glyn and me.
With a stiff breeze from the WNW the route adopted an approach of get the harder work done first. Out towards Knaresborough, sorry Bob J , he had just come from there, then Farnham and Bishop Monkton where we turned out of the wind and largely had it helping most of the way from then on.
It was only a mile further when Bob L suffered a softening front tyre, which he blew up and on we went, only for it to slowly return resulting in a stop for more 💨 at Roecliffe. He decided a tube change would be saved until we reached the cafe.
At Roecliffe the Community Litter Pickers were out, or should I say enjoying a coffee break. After a certain amount of banter about serving us with drinks and sandwiches, plus could they pop over and do Wetherby as well, we set off again for cafe Plenty.
The usual drinks , scone, chocolate flapjack, egg, bacon, sausage and black pudding bolstered our girth.
The conversations covered puncture issues for both tube and tubeless tyres, the importance of having the right kit with you, tyre piece for patching, toothpaste tubing, valve core remover and spare valves. No wonder you need a saddle bag for doing an Audax.
Alec’s training was coming on for Mallorca and Le Jog, with the indoor work he was doing and the loss of weight put him in the goat 🐐 climbing group. Pete managed to ensure we got through the Who’s WHO’s of TT riders.
Bob managed his tube change and we set off via the Dunsforths for home with Bob J swinging off through Cowthorpe for home. Thanks for the company Bob and can we expect you for next Saturday. Today had been a loosener for his Audax the following day in Lancashire, Cheshire and Wales. Go cycling and see the world.
About ten minutes before Walton the remaining five were treated to a shower of rain after the weather had stayed fine. With four peeling off to BS, Leeds and East Keswick it left me to finish into the wind.
Suffice to say I got a further prolonged heavy downpour on the final leg to Wetherby. Good to be out guys and Glyn making the trip from Leeds. 👍😄🚴‍♀️👌

Steve B