Wetherby to Ilkley, Sunday 26th March 2023, 55 miles

Weather forecast:- pretty cold
Was it ? Cool at first. I’m usually first to complain but didn’t think it too bad

Did it deter anybody? Don’t know. Five turned up.
Who? Graham, Pete D, Geoff, Steve W and me,Nick

Destination? Runs Card said Bolton Bridge
How? Via North Leeds and Cow and Calf

Did we get to Bolton Bridge ? No
Why not?

We stopped for coffee in Bramhope. Just before this Geoff and I were a bit behind the group and had been wondering if the others would stop at the Deli.
Geoff was a bit slower than usual but then ,he had done a 100k Audax yesterday. I had no excuse. By the time we caught up, the others were parking their bikes. So… nice coffee and then onwards over the high ground with nice views towards Ilkley. Then Geoff had a puncture. We all looked busy with this for a bit and my tyre tool proved useful.( See the article on the website). The coffee and puncture had now put us a bit behind our schedule and Steve and Pete both had domestic deadlines to get back for, so we decided to turn for home after Ilkley. We still had to go over’t Cow and Calf, where Graham waited for me ,with Steve so far ahead that he had time to stop and take a photo. We then found a space in the rather crowded “Stazione” Café but Steve had to head for home so now we were down to four. After lunch found us taking the well used route North of the Wharfe and saving some time by riding the flat way between Otley and Poole.
Pete turned for home in Otley and the remaining three kept in group ‘till Kirkby Overblow where Geoff peeled off. So we hadn’t got to Bolton Bridge but the climbing had been fun (!) and the weather had stayed dry . All in all another successful ride. Five is a good number but we wouldn’t mind seeing a few more out on the Sundays