Boston Spa to Selby, Tuesday 21st March 2023, 60 miles

A reduced membership leaving 5 of us to deal with another March wind. 💨💨

Bob L, Neil, Keith, Pete C and me.

Today’s ride involved a circuit taking in a stop at the Hub cafe at Selby.
Heading out to Aberford, Micklefield, Brotherton before turning towards Birkin meant we were into the wind and needed a lummox to ride on the front. Sure enough there I was and the problem solved.
Once we turned for Birkin allowed a chance to recover as our route took us through the Haddersleys and Temple Meade.
Leaving Birkin resulted in me getting a puncture and as I have tubeless the sealant did it’s job but not before losing pressure. Once I had pumped it up I was able to continue. However the pressure was still down. Crossing the Burn Airfield via the newly laid cycle path involved dodging over the East Coast Rail line a few times and shortly before the cafe stop three of us were held up as the Trans Pennine train insisted on having first dibs.
Suitably settled at the Hub we enjoyed our drinks and food with a short conversation on the current bank problems, they need Yorkshire people to run them.
I needed to find a bike shop via google to borrow their stirrup pump. The Cogs and Coffee was just round the corner on our usual route home. Despite being a small shop the owner was very helpful and I thought Pete was getting excited about a bike on sale. An apparition appeared before him which definitely looked like Ann and his enthusiasm waned.
With my tyre up to normal pressure we set off for Barlby and the Gustav Holst Planet cycle path. Less than half a mile down the road I got the familiar tell tale sound of shhhh as the pressure went down. Fortunately after re pumping it stayed up but at a lower level, probably due to sealant shortage to fix the hole. All I can say is thanks guys for your patience.
The long straight route took us to Bishopthorpe and onto Copmanthorpe.
Keith suggested we went via Colton, Bilborough, Catterton and Healaugh as a change from the usual journey. This last leg involved into the wind again and it wasn’t because I had beans on toast for lunch. True to form our Saviour, Pete C got on the front to lead us back to Walton.
With four heading to BS it left me to battle the last section in to the wind and home. For Neil it was yet more new roads for him to enjoy.
Join WW and see the world. He did say joining was a good move. Thanks guys a great day out.

I think he definitely came from Another Planet 😄

Steve B