Wetherby – Masham, Sunday 12 March 2023, 63 miles

Friday’s snow had disappeared as quickly as it had arrived, but it still only tempted four riders along to the Shambles. Geoff said we would need to beware of the tractors!

We ambled along to Boroughbridge in almost springlike temperatures and headed off to Grewelthorpe via Ripon where Geoff departed, even though we hadn’t seen a tractor as far as I was aware. A few reliability trial bunchlets were coming down towards Ripon and their lack of mudguards on wet & dirty roads was noted. A small detour was decided upon which took us over Ilton Moor into Masham.

There was no room at the inn (Johnny Baghdad’s) when we arrived, but a few Paddington-like stares at people who looked as though they should be going soon got us a choice of tables. An unofficial WheelEasy group were also seated; all their rides having been cancelled because of the threat of snow (in Glencoe perchance?). Paul was among them – one of the WW’s founder members.

Our return via Wath & Ripon was equally uneventful, and also tractor-free. Thanks as always to my riding buddies on the day (Pete D & Nick).

Bob J