Boston Spa to Ripley and Fountains Abbey, Tuesday 21 February 2023, 62 miles

Another Ride Adventure!!! 🚴🚴‍♀️🚴🚴‍♀️😂

An excellent 10 turned up at BS church for the ride. Frank, Pete C, Pete D, Alec, Keith, Gavin, Bill (first ride of the season I believe), John B, Nick (Happy Birthday), and me.
A number of the group were looking to turn early as they preferred a shorter one and in Nick’s case a birthday lunch with his daughter. So no free coffee and no lunch invite, Mmmm. 😄 We had arranged to meet Kathy at Ripley so needed to crack on.
The group split into two with four of us, Pete D, Gavin, Keith and myself, full ride going ahead with the others following.
Our route took us to Knaresborough, Scriven, Scotton, Brearton, Nidd and Ripley. The second group I understand skipped the back route and went straight down the main K to R road from Scotton.
We met up with Kathy (great to see her) at Ripley and carried on to Scarah Bank knowing the others would be turning back home. The Beryl Burton way I believe.
You always need to be prepared as plans don’t always work. Sure enough 200 meters into the climb my phone rang. By the time I had stopped to answer it, it had rung off.
It was Pete C, well the next five minutes were slapstick comedy as I tried to return the call, he was engaged, I tried again, I then got a voicemail to which I listened but then definitely needed to speak to him so I rang again, still engaged, got another voicemail, patience is a virtue and rewarded with finally managing to reach him.
They were all at Ripley toilets and don’t ask as it is not yet 9.00 in the evening.
Pete had been riding thinking Frank was doing the whole ride and hadn’t realised he had changed his mind. He was going to return with them but I persuaded him to join us and I would wait for him.
In the meantime, the other four had ridden a little further and were out of sight so I tried ringing Pete and Keith, more than once, no answer straight to voicemail. The trials and tribulations of bike riding. They to be fair drew lots and Keith rode back to me and we covered the soap opera. They cracked on after we agreed to meet at the cafe in Ripon. Shortly after Pete C arrived and normal service was resumed.
We rode past the Markington turning and a mile further turned right towards Fountains Abbey and through Studley Royal to Ripon meeting the others at Olivers Cafe. Drinks, scones, and sandwiches replenished the burnt calories. I have passed on Keith’s links from our conversation at the cafe. We also got an update from Kathy on applying to be a Magistrate. Suffice it to say she won’t be needing a black cap for sentencing as it is the Family court she is hoping to join.
Our route home was through Skelton, Boroughbridge, the Dunsforths, Thorpe Underwood, Whixley to Cattal and Walton.
As we left the cafe I saw Paddy pulling into the car park in the market square on his bike and waved and hailed him as we rode past. I assume he was stopping to eat his sandwiches, presumably he was on a solo ride although it did cross my mind, surely he was not still out from Sunday after losing touch with the group.
At Boroughbridge, we said our goodbyes to Kathy as she headed for Hampsthwaite and home.
However, the adventure continued as Pete C after the level crossing at Cattal snapped a gear cable. Fortunately, his namesake had the common sense to tie it to his saddlebag allowing him to ride home albeit on the biggest gear on his cassette. Thankfully he was on the small chain ring. Not sure his wife Ann has replaced a gear cable before.
A special well done to Pete C with coping on the last few miles and Gavin who despite his electric bike clung to the group like Gorilla glue. Great to be out and thanks for the company.

Steve B