Wetherby – Riccall, Saturday 18th February 2023, 48 miles

Four of us, Alec, Bob L, Pete C and I decided on a circuit out to Riccall, circa 44 miles and a stop at the Pickled Cafe. Alec had rung them to book a table, very civilised!😄
Our route was Bramham, Stutton , Ulleskelf, Cawood with a very welcome tailwind.
Service was good and sausage sandwiches popular. The conversation covered Alec’s LeJog and the associated cost as well as plans for a successful ride. It’s surprising how we are experts in the Tea Room😂
The next stage of the route took us along the cycle path to Naburn with the wind across us.
The final leg was to Tadcaster and we now had to lean heavily on Pete and Bob into the wind. At Tadcaster we split witnessed heading to Wighill and then Wetherby, Alec to Toulston Lane and home with Bob and Pete to BS and home. Again glad to be out and we all enjoyed our trundle.

Thanks guys.

Steve B