Wetherby – Bedale, longer ride Tuesday 14th February 2023, 76 miles

I had posted I would not be joining the usual group for a Tuesday ride from BS church, electing for a long one to Richmond. The forecast was for a sunny and dry day.
Two other rebels decided to come with me on our Valentine’s Day out, Alec and Steve P. Both were looking for more mileage etc in preparation for Mallorca.
Suffice it to say the Monopoly Chance card was go directly to Jail rather than advance to Go and collect £200, with the weather turning out to be misty all day, with no sunshine and cold. I’m afraid the use of the crystal ball to predict the weather was proving just as good as the Met Office.
We delayed our start by 45 minutes in the vain hope of an improvement and felt we would have to reconsider our plan and have a shorter ride. Hence Bedale.
With lights blazing, shame not all motorists didn’t adopt that approach, and the cold penetrating our wrapped-up bodies we steadily rode via Farnham, Ripon, Wath, Well to the Tandem cafe at the Cycle shop in Bedale. Service was good and the hot drinks were welcome.
I did say to a lady and her daughter also there, that her hubby knew how to treat a lady on Valentine’s Day by bringing her to the cafe.
We needed to be back at a sensible time as Alec was demonstrating his romantic side by taking his good lady to their favourite restaurant on the A59. A Thai and tease I believe.
We set off back east via Ainderby Steeple turning south for Warlaby and Topcliffe. Coming into Boroughbridge we made a stop for Alec to advise his wife on his ETA. This gave the two Steves a chance for a quick coffee at the bakery shop.
Final leg was the A168 and home although the Garforth explorer still had an extra ten miles.
Despite the conditions we were glad to be out. Thanks guys another enjoyable ride.

Steve B