Boston Spa – Beningborough, Tuesday 14th February 2023, 40 miles

Four Wheelers set off from Boston Spa (Pete, Bob, Keith and Sean). It was much colder and foggier than the sunny day promised by the BBC weather forecast which had led to other Wheelers heading for Richmond. We decided ‘discretion is the better part of valour’ and chose a shorter ride to Beningborough Hall.

There was little wind though, so it was not all bad news. The ride out through Walton, Whixley, Little Ouseburn and Aldwark Bridge was uneventful, but with temperatures around zero, we got progressively colder and by the time we reached Home Farm Café, our extremities were frozen – I couldn’t work my chin strap catch to take my helmet off, my fingers were so cold. Unfortunately, it was takeaway only service on a Tuesday but the staff took pity on four deep chilled pensioners and let us eat inside. It was Keith’s birthday so he was paying but with only four on the ride he got off lightly!

We used Keith’s patented route home via cycleways and backroads to Rufforth. I was a few degrees warmer too, so we weren’t suffering so much. From there it was an easy run back to Boston Spa via Healaugh, Wighill and Walton.

40 miles in total, the perfect distance considering the conditions!