Wetherby – Bedale, Thursday 2nd February 2023, 70 miles

On a grey morning with an unexpected light drizzle, eight riders, comprising Graham, Greg, Phil, Tim, Steve P, Mike, Nick and Glyn met in The Shambles. The rain cleared shortly after setting off and didn’t bother us for the rest of the day. The strong westerly wind however, did!

The peloton divided en route to Ripon but managed to regather at Cafe Nero for well deserved refreshments. Steve W, who had not been with us at the start duly arrived but sadly too late for a cuppa as we were about to set off. Traffic problems on the M1 the cause of the delay. Nick left us here for a prearranged family commitment. Once again the wind caused a few problems and the Tandem Cafe in Bedale was a welcome sight. Fully refreshed, the magnificent eight again fought bravely with the blustery conditions, arriving back in Wetherby at 4:15pm. With the sun out and warming temperatures it seems like Spring is on its way. A great day out in good company that even the wind couldn’t spoil.