Wetherby – Sherburn, Saturday 28th January 2023, 38 miles

As the old song goes it was “Just the two of us, as we made it” to the Sherburn Aero Club. That was Pete C and myself, Alec.

We set off promptly from the Shambles on my favourite route out of Wetherby following the NCN 665. We were heading for the Sherburn Aero Club via Stutton and Church Fenton.

It was a cold day out and we both had to be on the careful side of caution as the cycle path and roads were frosty white in shady places. We were both glad to get to the Aero Club as it was chance to warm up and have some banter. Good food was an added bonus.

The journey back was heading for Aberford with our parting at Bramham were routes to our warm homes was something to look forward to. Despite “Just the two of us” it was good company an enjoyable ride out.