Boston Spa – Easingwold, Tuesday 24th January 2023, 45 miles

Stevie B was correct when he said there no excuses for not coming out today, due to the milder weather. Hence a good turn out of 8 riders set off in comparably milder conditions than of late …. destination Easingwold but to collect Nick at Cattal on the way there.

The departing Peleton comprised Frank, Pete C, Pete D, Gavin, Kathy, Alec, Keith and yours truly, Steve P.

Up through Cattal and Whixley to Boroughbridge and then an anti clockwise loop to Alne through Easingwold, where lunch was taken, then back through Raskelf and Tholthorpe back to Boroughbridge and then the same route home.

The predicted afternoon temperature of 7°c did not seem to materialise and, in fact, felt more like mucky conditions of about 3°c.

It was, thankfully, an uneventful 45 mile ride with no mechanicals and injuries but was a very welcomed ride given the recent frosty, cold conditions.

Steve P