Boston Spa – Boroughbridge, Tuesday 17th January 2023, 40miles

A cold start to the morning meant there were drop-outs leaving Steve Pearson and me (Keith) as the only takers. Steve B had proposed Boroughbridge or Melmerby so we stuck with that and headed off over the bridge to Thorp Arch. From there, we went to Wetherby then turned onto the Knaresborough road at Kirk Deighton.

By this time the sun was out – it was still cold but not too bad and the roads were dry – even so, we decided that Boroughbridge would be far enough.

After Knaresborough, we went through Scriven (always pretty in sunshine) then Farnham and Staveley. Following coffees at Plenty, we took the Dunsforths road where we had a quick discussion about whether the bridge at Cattal was open. We weren’t sure so we cut across to the A168 on the resurfaced back road and headed back to Bramham where I turned off leaving Steve to ride back to Garforth.

I have a turbo trainer setup at home but there is no substitute for being outdoors. I can’t speak for Steve but I, for one, enjoyed the ride and company and was glad that I ventured out in the cold.