Wetherby – Minskip, 14th January 2023, 31 miles

I arrived at the Shambles for the usual 9.00am start but the interest in riding was very low as the weather was hardly inviting.
So there I was thinking double points for Billy Nomates when Pete C arrived, he was concerned I might get lonely. His appearance was a welcome sight and as he had only ridden about once in the last few weeks understandably expressed a desire for a steady one.
With no one else arriving we set off towards Knaresborough in a slight drizzle. Thankfully it soon stopped and we only had the wind to endure knowing it was going to get gustier as the morning advanced.
Through Little Ribston, Knaresborough and Farnham the gruesome twosome rode, before a stop at Staveley to remove my rain jacket. The wind was now more supportive as we headed to Minskip and both agreed as we were having a short ride to skip coffee at Boroughbridge and cross the A1 to join the A168 and head back. The ride thankfully was not too affected by the westerly as we rode south.
That said Pete started with twinges of cramp and we eased back on our ferocious pace so he could recover for the final few miles home. Ann please arrange a massage appointment for Pete.🥹
I escorted him to the Wetherby boundary, cycle path to BS, and I turned back for home and a hot cuppa. Both agreed it was good to be out having enjoyed our outing.

Steve B