WW Tuesday Social Ride to Selby, circa 43 miles from BS, 20 December 2022.

With the promise of much warmer temperatures compared to recent days seem to be a good temptation for a strong turnout. Pleased to say ten highly motivated riders assembled at BS Church ready for a ride to Selby and the Hub cafe. They were Nick, Keith, Pete C, Pete D, Bob L, Geoff (special appearance), Frank ( good to see him after a long absence), Phil Robertson, Steve P and me. We were expecting to meet Steve W en route but he had caught man flu, not sure how he managed that 😄😄.
I decided to wear my summer bib shorts, the sun was out and it was balmy, as well as ride my summer bike, the latter not a smart move as the roads were far wetter than I expected and clearly wasn’t colleague friendly. Making me barmy!
We split into two groups with Myself, Geoff, Steve P, Pete D and Keith setting off first. The remaining five looking to take it steady as Frank hadn’t been riding for a while.
Our route took us out to Bramham, Aberford, Micklefield and onto the old A1 before turning left at the Farm Shop past the Sherburn junction towards Lumby. From there we gathered pace having been into the wind heading to Hillam, Birkin, the toilets were locked, The Haddsleys over the A19 to Temple Hirst.
From there we turned towards Selby making use of an excellent Cycle Path past Burn 🔥 Gliding club. ✈️
We arrived in good time at the cafe and managed to get seated to enjoy coffees, sandwiches and cake, well it is Christmas.
We had expected to see the other group who were taking a more direct route to the cafe. Steve P rang to find out where they were and reported they had stopped at Hillam for coffee and cake, consequently when they finally landed we were about to leave. Steve P decided to ride back with them which left four of us to crack on. As they were stopping for drinks etc meant they would be back somewhat later.
Our journey took us from Selby via Lordship lane to Cawood where Geoff and Keith rode on to Ulleskelf, Stutton and home leaving Pete D and I to add an extra loop via Naburn back to Wetherby.
Fair play to Pete he stuck to the task knowing his final leg would be into the wind back to Leeds (sort of). For me it was easier and 66 miles was a decent number whereas Pete finished at 82 miles. Chapeau. The others arrived home later and had a shower of rain to endure. Well done to Frank as well.
Good days riding and I believe enjoyed by all.

Im pleased to say Geoff is still speaking to me even though I had no mud guards. 😄🚴‍♀️