Wetherby – Bolton Bridge, Thursday 15 December 2022, 57 miles

It was -2°C at half past nine so I wasn’t expecting a peloton large enough to hide in, but four other hardy souls (Steve P, Phil, Graham & Mike B) shivered their way to the Shambles. We rolled through Sicklinghall on wettish roads to discuss the merits of dropping down Kearby cliff – could there be frost? Our personal risk assessments differed. Strangely, once over the A61 onto Weeton Lane & Wescoe Hill, the road was as dry as a proverbial which isn’t appropriate for a ride report. A welcome hot drink stop was made at Leathley Farm Shop. I was up for a hot drink stop every 5km, but Graham made us ride all the way to Bolton Bridge before the next. The retour was delightful, it had warmed up to zero degrees, we had a tailwind, and Geoff joined us with tales of a meat & potato pie in Ilkley. Thanks to my riding buddies on the day – it will get warmer at some point! My call goes out for full mudguards (& a decent rear mudflap) at this time of year.

Bob J