WW Saturday Ride to Boroughbridge via Bishop Monkton. 45 miles, 3 December 2022.

Excellent turnout with 8 Wheelers meeting at the Shambles for a 9.00am start. Special appearances by the Barbeque King, Simon, back in action after a few weeks sabbatical. I believe he was on a course guaranteed to get you to cook the perfect sausage every time.
Guest appearance from the Garforth wanderer Steve P, is the bike fixed?, old stalwarts Pete C (forgotten his bus pass despite what he days about being under age), Phil W, Pete D, Glyn, Alec and he who shall remain nameless to avoid reprisals.
The weather promised to be fine with high cloud, the chance of sunshine and a light northerly breeze. I suggested as we had eight of us, (enough for a team to play Korfball), we split into two groups with the quicker guys under strict instructions to get the big table at the cafe in readiness for the arrival of the senior pros. Alec, Pete C, Steve P and me.
Our route took us through Knaresborough, Farnham towards Bishop Monkton and then a left to Boroughbridge. The sun made an appearance although the temperature didn’t improve much.
After an enjoyable run we arrived at the cafe to find it inundated with abandoned bikes and clearly very busy. The advance scouting party of Phil, Pete D , Simon and Glyn had picked up Geoff who was sat with them outside. Phil advised they still had not been served, clearly worried about not getting his sausage roll. As they were all outside covered in blankets in their basket chairs we decided to use the bakery over the road.
Excellent decision as the service was quick, the food tip top and we ate inside giving the Eskimos the occasional wave.
Alec was on afternoon Grandchildren watch and explained they were aghast when he explained the difference between childhood now to 115 years ago when he was a lad. Especially the tale of breaking the ice on the outside bog. We all agreed the younger generation had no idea.
Well we were ready to resume the ride and suggested to the forward scouting party (who were still eating) they catch us up. Geoff who was also on Grandchildren duty made his farewell to return home via Minskip.
We set off through the Dunsforths towards Great Ouseburn and Thorpe Underwood and within a short distance we were all together, catching up on the events with the breeze at our backs.
Over the Whixley bump to Cattal and up Rudgate to Walton and BS where we split to make our separate ways home.
Another good morning’s ride with top company. Thanks Guys. The groupings worked well.