Two Sundays

A quick update on the last two Sundays, just for the record. Nobody else volunteered to do the first one and nobody else was there for the second one. Sunday27 Dec
Five Wheelers went to Selby. Frank, Bill and I,(Nick), took the shorter route and arranged to meet Bob J and Geoff at The Hub Café. We arrived first and then Bob turned up having lost Geoff on the way. Whilst waiting, Bob was recognised by another cyclist of Audax pedigree, (well, just a bit, Bob said,) who had ridden over there to collect W. Churchill’s autobiog, which he had bought on e bay- as you do. I like combining a ride with a purpose and once rode to Beverley to return a borrowed car part. Anyway, we were worried that Geoff had been lost on the windswept plains between Fairburn and Selby (although the wind wasn’t doing much sweeping that day), until my phone rang and it was Geoff, in Selby , but not knowing how to find the café. Reunited, and now fed, we all took the route home past Church Fenton, thinking it best to stick together, which we did ,all the way to Boston Spa. Pretty good.

Sunday 4 Dec
After a good turnout (8) on Saturday I didn’t know who was left for the Sunday ride and the weather wasn’t looking too good either but it’s Sunday and I instinctively rode to the Shambles and waited a bit. It was drizzling so although the book said Sherburn, I’d been there a bit recently and so headed for York and the dry haven of Cycle Heaven .Crossing the Millenium Bridge I realised that my back tyre was flat so I walked the last few yards. Before I could ask, they offered to repair the tyre while I had a coffee and cake. It seemed too good an offer to turn down so that’s what I did while a few other wet cyclists came in . I was lucky in missing the worst of it. Brief sunshine tempted me to head to Leyburn but more drizzle tempted me homewards . No prizes for guessing.