Wetherby to Riccall, Saturday 26 November 2022, 45 miles

Riders: Peter C, Steve B, Phil W, Bob L & me Alec M

I had planned to go in a northerly direction to Raskelf but with southerly winds forecasted I decided a return ride back with the wind behind us was a better choice. So we left Wetherby on the NCR heading out to Riccall.

To get there we followed the Wharfe from Ryther and Cawood hoping the bridge was still open? The river was high and parts of the road were flooded but we made it across and headed to Riccall. We were heading for the obligatory refuelling stop at the Pickled @ Riccall … a new stop for us all. I had rang them the day before to make sure they were open and they suggested to ring in the morning to book a table. I duly obliged with a quick call before we left Wetherby and we arrived with a table all set up for us. The food was good too!

So heading back we took the old railway line back to Naburn. With the wind behind us the train from Riccall arrived early in Naburn with a good exit crossing the river to Acaster Malbis while taking views of Voyager, Pluto, Neptune, Uranus and Saturn. Finally, after arriving in Walton the Boston and Wetherby crews went their separate ways. A good morning ride and a new cafe to revisit to boot.