Wetherby – Thirsk, Thursday 24 November 2022, 62 miles

On a bright and breezy day eight riders met in The Shambles for a one stop ride to Thirsk. The group consisted of Graham, Michael B, Mike, Phil, Greg, Sean Bob and Glyn. With the rain due at approx 3.00pm, the group set off at pace with the wind at its back heading for Thirsk and lunch at Upstairs Downstairs. With speeds touching 23/24 miles an hour on occasions, the group arrived in Thirsk at 11:30am. The food and service was excellent and a fully refreshed team set off on the return journey into a headwind. This did not seem to hold the group back and Boroughbridge came up quickly. Sean decided to leave us here and make his own way back home at a more sedate pace no doubt. The remaining seven then headed for Knaresborough. By now the skies had turned grey and the rain made its appearance earlier than expected. At Little Ribston, Mike picked up a puncture as always seems the way when it rains. The rain was consistent now and by Wetherby the skies were even darker which didn’t bode well for those heading back to Leeds. The heavens opened at Collingham, soaking me to the skin and probably Michael and Greg too. The sun came out just as I arrived home to put a good end to the day.