WW Tuesday Ride, wet n wild. 35 miles, 15 November 2022.

I remember thinking on Monday evening that with the lousy weather forecast no one will be out. Hardly surprising as none of us were in the pro ranks, or ever were. A stirring within, keep it clean, was nudged by Keith asking if there was a plan. Enough said and I posted, did anyone want a wet ride? Keeping it clean.
My expectation was no one. However I hadn’t reckoned on the Bramham Mountain Man replying, yes I’m up for it!
So there it was at 9.15 in BS , Bob L and myself, Steve B, met in full wet gear and winter bikes ready to tame the Log Floom.
Comments such as we have no common sense and we must be mad were over ridden with the cyclists favourite saying, glad to be out and making the effort.
Our route took us over the Wharfe heading to Walton, thankfully the river hadn’t breached the top wall. It was very much spot the road as we surfed the puddles, the lake at the bottom of Rudgate was building nicely and certainly could be a good location for a back up reservoir. It provided a fitting finish for the log floom on our return later.
Through Wighill and onto Healaugh where we took the lane to Catterton. I forgot to check the bus timetable which meant we had a tight squeeze as it bore down on us from behind.
We were travelling into the wind 💨 knowing it would assist on our return. Once through Bilbrough we turned towards Appleton Roebuck and crossed over the A64. We made sure we were careful at junctions since the conditions didn’t lend themselves to hearing traffic plus the wet leafy roads could affect our stopping ability. At Appleton Roebuck we took the lane to Acaster Selby but turned for Acaster Malbis as we started the return. Both of us could have some better conversation now the wind was behind us.
Canoeing on through Copmanthorpe and into Askham Richard we stopped for a much needed hot drink and sandwich at The Grange Coffee House where the staff took us under their wings. No jokes please. We were both soaked but still in good spirits.
The final leg took us back to Healaugh, Wighill, the final log floom and Walton where Bob turned to BS and Bramham while I headed to Wetherby and home. Good company as ever and glad we made the effort.🚴‍♀️🚴‍♂️🌧💨👍😂

Fancy missing a great ride.