WW Tuesday Social Ride around Cawood and Riccall. 8 November 2022, 37 miles.

Monday’s forecast suggested a quiet weather day. Well we can but dream ☔️🌧. It didn’t stop 8 of us arriving at BS for a birthday celebration ride for Bob.
The gruesome double foursome were Bob L, for today the Birthday Boy, Kathy, Keith, Nick, Bill, Paddy, Steve P and me Steve B.
Nick needed to be home for 12 noon and Kathy was still building her mileage. Plus at this time of the year a sensible mileage made more sense.
Feeling brave we ventured out of BS to Clifford and up Windmill Hill, from there onto Stutton. Peddling on through Ulleskelf and Cawood we took the turning to Kellfield and Riccall.
We had a little uncertainty in finding the cycle path to Acaster Malbis but once sorted it was a straight and enjoyable run. As we left the Riccall section a sign said Riccall sidings. All I could see was over grown waste land but having checked at home I discovered the line opened in 1871 and fully closed in 1964, Coming off the path and back onto the road we realised Paddy wasn’t with us, looking back he wasn’t there. Had he had a mechanical? I’ve no idea where he went since it was a straight path and we were all lined out. Hope he got back okay especially as I felt guilty for not finding him.
Once through Copmanthorpe we headed to Askham Richard and the Grange Coffee ☕️ stop. My biggest concern here after Saturday was the same Matriarch might be serving and we would be handcuffed to the counter until we spent sufficient. Thankfully no worries it was a different team.
As Nick had to be home early he didn’t have time to stop. As it turned out he got home before the rain.
The rest of us enjoyed beans on toast, bacon sandwich, cake and a panini. The conversation covered painting and surprisingly we all had a tale to tell. The birthday celebration for Bob was topped off with a photo courtesy of Steve P.
Leaving the cafe we headed to Healaugh with very dark clouds over head which demanded our rain jackets very quickly suffice to say we got wet.
At Walton we went our separate ways, but a good Tuesday ride even if we ended one short. Sorry Paddy.