Wetherby – Brymor Ice Cream Parlour, Thursday 3rd November 2022, 70 miles

Riders: Graham, Sean, Michael, Glyn, Pete D, Mike B, Greg, Phil, Steve W, Steve P and Dennis.

Weather watch: a crisp, bright autumn day, light winds making a pleasant change from the previous two Thursdays. Most riders in full gloves and leggings; notable exceptions in Mike B and Phil showing Yorkshire grit with hands and legs out.

Route: brisk run up the A168 to Boroughbridge where we picked up Dennis. North to Rainton then a coffee stop at that light industrial estate whose name I always forget. Continuing to West Tanfield then to Brymor for lunch, some by the direct route, others with, ahem, a not wholly planned six mile loop taking us half way to Leyburn. Classic return via Masham, Grewelthorpe and Ripon.

Memorable moments: free birthday drinks all round at the morning café stop courtesy of Greg – thanks!

What we learned: tea-spoons are best used in tea cups, not as tyre levers.

Michael B