Wetherby – Ilkley, Thursday 27th October 2022, 52 miles

Thursday was again tormented by a poor weather forecast and the morning did what it had said on the tin – it rained. This encouraged a string of call offs but this wasn’t a surprise because we had got wet through the previous week.  It looked like it was down to Phil Webb and myself to hold our end up and I suggested an hour delay. This prompted Pete Dack to time trial his way to Wetherby to join us. It was now just drizzle as we headed off towards Bramhope and then our Ilkley destination. Out via Sicklinghall and down to Pool. A left turn took us to Creskeld Lane and then a climb up to the Corner Cup cafe. Here we were joined by Alistair Brownlee who we later spotted out on his bike. The next part of our journey took us over a very misty Otley Chevin and a damp Menston and then finally the Cow and Calf.

It was very quickly decided that La Stazione was the most convenient place for lunch and we managed to find a small table inside. Good value and efficient and friendly service. Our return home took us over the metal bridge and back to Otley where Pete left us to take his short cut through Leeds. Phil and I headed down to Pool again and back the normal route through kirkbyoverblow. In all just 52 miles but the blessing was that this week we were just damp. The sun even put in a late appearance near home.