Wetherby to Markington and Boroughbridge, Saturday 22 October 2022, 45 miles

After some disappointing weather, Saturday was clear, sunny and warm. Just the job for my birthday ride. In all 8 riders turned out. 🚴‍♀️🚴‍♂️👍
I arrived in good time at the Shambles to find Pete D and Glyn already raring to go. Glyn was having withdrawal symptoms having missed Thursday. A couple of minutes later Pete C, Bob L and Phil W arrived.
Not to be outdone our guest star rider Geoff M sporting a rucksack filled with magazines then arrived closely followed by our Special star guest rider Greg C also arrived. He felt it was his duty to make sure I wasn’t on my own.
Not sure I should ask about the magazine content.😖
Overwhelmed by the turnout we were late starting while I received gas and air. Pete C apologised for forgetting the cake but had remembered the candles.
I rang the bank to make sure sufficient funds were available, phew that could have been tricky ☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️.
We set off through Kirk Deighton to Knaresborough and onto Farnham. A steady pace ensured we had chance for a catch-up.
Our journey took us from Copgrove to Markington and spirits were high with the good weather and scenic views.
At Markington we turned hard right to head back towards Bishop Monkton on a stretch of road we had not been on for quite some time. There were plenty of other cyclists out as we pedalled on to Boroughbridge and our cafe stop. The pace clearly not quick enough as Greg and Pete D nattered all the way.😂
The trouble-free morning took an awkward turn as the cafe was busy and there was no room inside it or in the stables. Fortunately, a family vacated their table outside allowing six of us to gather with the two guest stars getting special treatment with a table inside.
Service was slower than usual due to the demand so patience was the watchword. A selection of sausage rolls, a sausage sandwich, a scone, (worried about Pete C’s fetish) and caramel shortbread along with drinks were fully devoured.
Discussions covered the forthcoming AGM and whether Boris would run for PM or a position on the Committee. 🤢
Leaving later meant we needed to step up the pace, but not before we said goodbye to Geoff who was returning home via Minskip. Greg kept me company as we covered riding in Scotland and his Audax event there.
Phil needed to be home in good time as his assistance for the evening cocktail party was requested by his significant better half 🥳. Bob L still had his packing to do, but I did say I’m sure his wife would have it all ready.
Taking up the reins I along with Greg and Pete D set about riding a good tempo to get us back asap. Our route took us through the Dunsforths and onto Whixley, Phil peeled off to take a more direct route home, before the Whixley bump.
The rest of us headed up Rudgate to BS and we all then took our different ways home. A most enjoyable day and thanks for the company guys.

Steve B