Boston Spa to Easingwold and Kilburn, Tuesday 18th October 2022, 70 miles

Despite sleeping in I managed to make the meet at BS church only a couple of minutes late. I was pleasantly surprised to see a strong turnout, maybe Frank should have visitors more often.
Assembled like a pack of cackling cyclists were Keith, Steve P, Chris (reliably told he used to be a TT), Mark, Simon J, John, Nick (late again boss), Paddy with his rucksack, Bob L, Bill, Pete C ( returning as his sick note had expired) and me Steve B. It was nearly a baker’s dozen but Kathy was still recovering so hopefully you will be back soon.
We were blessed with a very light breeze from no particular direction, or it seemed like that.
We split into two groups and set off across the Wharfe to Walton and onto Cattal. The pace was very steady as we had all day and it meant we could keep the two groups in sight of each other. Age is a worrying thing when you cannot remember what the others look like, even after five minutes.
The weather was glorious and with the sun out it was warming nicely.
Our route was as normal over the rickety rackety bridge at Aldwark, from there through the villages to Raskelf and onto Easingwold for a coffee at the Fita tea rooms. Relaxing in the sunshine eventually came to a close as five of the twelve had to be back early for various reasons and the rest of us decided on Kilburn before turning for home.
We hadn’t gone long when Bill informed us Paddy had to go back as he was a glove short and would head back to the cafe and onto Wetherby instead.
This left six of us riding through Coxwold to Kilburn and up Sprucebank Wood Climb heading for Bagby.
With the two Steves bringing up the rear the lightning four kindly waited at the top. I explained there are three reasons I am slower on the hills, carrying too much weight, too much weight and of course too much weight. That said I managed a PB.
For some reason Steve P decided he needed to show his strong legs by putting in a long turn on the front, surely not feeling guilty for drafting.
Anyway once over the A19 and heading to Dalton and Sessay, the WW equivalent of Team Sky’s Yogi Bear (Ian Stannard) decided 15 mph was too slow and we needed to up the pace to nearer 20 mph. Thankfully I managed at second wheel to hang on although no time for talking or a drink as I suggested he kept the pace under 28 mph so we didn’t lose anyone.
Got to say it was a blast.
At Thornton Bridge we headed to Boroughbridge where a quick coffee stop at the Bakery shop and Café Plenty allowed us to recover as we sat in the sun 🌞 in the market square.
Our final leg was agreed upon with a trip through the Dunsforths.
Again the first mile was a warm up, before, yes you’ve guessed it, he was back on the front ensuring we burned extra calories.
With the clouds starting to build from the NE we charged on like a band of Picts as we headed through Great Ouseburn and Thorpe Underwood with traffic swerving out of our way in great fear, and over the Whixley bump towards Cattal. Bill shouted one of the group was slipping off the back, however it was not a problem as it was only momentarily.
I have to say thanks for some great work on the front to he who should stay nameless.
Three (Bob, Simon and Mark) went over the Cattal bridge to BS and Bill, Steve P and I headed to Walshford and Wetherby. I said to Steve P I thought he would have gone the other way. He replied he needed a breather as the pace was very much like a Thursday ride. Training for Mallorca Steve.

Well a great ride and good company from what I can remember. I need a lie-down.
Thanks to all.


Steve B