Wetherby – Pateley Bridge, Sunday 10th October 2022,

Sorry this report is a bit late. We forgot to delegate the job on Sunday and no-one volunteered.So it’s me, Nick Sunday 10 October
Where to? Pateley Bridge
Who’s up for it? Bill, Nick, Graham, Frank, Simon, Bob J, and Geoff.

There was a bit of wind and it was cool in the shadows in the Shambles while we waited but OK out on the road and we pointed our wheels Knaresborough way and then to Scotton avoiding the road works on the way out. Getting to Ripley in good time we decided that we hadn’t done enough miles to need coffee so we passed the café taking the cycle path through the parkland. It’s a decent path and we didn’t have to avoid too many pedestrians or dogs,(see later), as we followed it to somewhere above Hampsthwaite. Although I’d done most of the route at different times I hadn’t joined up all the dots before and I think I wasn’t the only one but with Bob J on the front and Graham, (off duty on Sundays), checking the back, those of us in the middle were able to just follow the wheel in front and enjoy the nice views. Nidderdale in early Autumn provides plenty of those. We were led to the Brimham Rocks Road where I remembered that there was soon a steep descent. Having accidentally got to the front of the group at this point I was alarmed as the bike speeded up to see a large red retriever crossing the road off lead some distance in front. One dog might indicate another or a person at least so I gave my best yell and the owner came scurrying out and grabbed the dog. I had slowed down enough that I hope she heard me shout ‘thanks “ as I, and the others, passed.
Taking a little detour to approach Pateley via Bewerley, we discovered that the café on the hill was packed but the owner recommended another just a few more yards up. Graham knew it and said it was OK and it certainly was. It’s called The Willow and good to know.
After a good lunch and coffee we set off again, leaving the main road at Summerbridge to see Dacre Banks and Darley. There were some hills and I overheard some undiplomatic language. Going right thro’ Hampsthwaite this time we arrived at the edge of Harrogate where Geoff and Bob peeled off- probably to a pub. The rest of us found the Beryl Burton Way to K’bro where Simon continued for an earlier return whilst the remaining four enjoyed coffee and flapjack at The Black Mulberry Café where they do a cyclists discount if you ask for it. Bill and I thought that was so nice of them that we left a tip which almost wiped out the discount which just shows that kind deeds get returned. Then home.