Wetherby – Bolton Bridge (originally Hebden), Thursday 6th October 2022, 63 miles

Twelve riders set off from the market place heading to Hebden. Hebden being one of my favourite cafes but as often happens overnight the weather was going downhill. We decided to review the destination at Fewston. It was quite windy and we took the normal route out but decided on Penny Pot Lane rather than Norwood Lane after reaching Beckwithshaw. So, while taking coffee at The Fewston Farm Shop we decided to abort Hebden and take a route through the reservoirs and down to Bolton Bridge. Sean turned back at this point and Steve Ward left us at Askwith. That left me Graham, Phil Webb, Steve Pearson, Bob Johnson, Nick, Pete Dack, Glyn, Michael, Brawley, Mike Bosomworth and Mark to take the north bank of the Wharfe to Bolton Bridge. While in the cafe and while enjoying our beans on toast one in our midst decided to buy everyone a drink, don’t know what came over him. Eventually the 10 of us took the usual route home, hoping to avoid the rain. The Leeds contingent peeled off at Pool, Mark on the Leeds Road and Bob at Kirkby. We don’t know whether we would have got wet through going to Hebden but rain on our ride never really happened, I’m pleased to say.