Boston Spa to Holme on Spalding Moor. Tuesday 4th October 2022, 70 miles

With the breeze primarily from the south, Frank had chosen a course which meant we travelled mainly with a crosswind.
Two of our regulars, Pete C and Steve P were absent with similar symptoms, what had they been in contact with? 🙁
Meeting as usual at BS church it fell to the Famous Five to continue with the ride. Our intrepid group were Bob L, Nick H, Frank, Bill K and Me Steve B.
Leaving BS we headed off waving our hellos to the Postman Dave Westerman as we left. Heading to cross the Wharfe our journey was briefly delayed by a bus 🚌 trying to get across and winning the duel with a car coming up the hill, enabling us to draft behind.
Our route took us towards Wighill and on to Healaugh, participating in the age-old pastime of crunching acorns as we went.
Crossing the Ouse at Naburn we headed to Escrick and Skipwith with all of us taking turns on the front. As we approached Bubwith a cry went up from the Road Captain, cafe stop 🫕🍩, yes boss.
Coffees and flapjack, carrot cake and malteser tiffin were the order of the morning. In fact Frank was so impressed he had a second helping of carrot cake while I kidded myself that malteser tiffin wasn’t too indulgent as they had the less fattening centres.
Bill was on a time schedule so he had to head back early leaving the rest of us to ride on.
The cafe at Spalding had closed down which was disappointing and meant we needed to regroup and decided a stop at Rebecca’s at Elvington was Hobson’s choice.
Lined out we got stuck into setting a good tempo heading to Melbourne, Sutton on Derwent where Bob and I made the bridge lights while Nick and Frank had to wait, resulting in Nick having to negotiate a traffic moment with a large articulated lorry, thankfully safely.
We made Rebecca’s with 15 minutes to spare before closing giving us sufficient time for coffee and bacon, sausage, and egg sandwiches.
Suitably refreshed we renewed our efforts as the clouds started to gather and continued a good tempo back to Naburn via Crockey Hill, Copmanthorpe and picked up where we left off crunching acorns on our way through Healaugh onto Wighill.
We stopped at the bottom of Rudgate to say our goodbyes to Nick but not before Bob struggled to unclip and fell off his bike. Something we have all done, issues of medicinal jelly babies didn’t help as Nick proceeded to imitate Bob and also fell over. Don’t blame the sweets 🍡. Punishment being me doing the ride report.
From there we set off to our homes having had a great day and back in time to avoid the rain. Thanks guys and Frank welcome back after your layoff with a great route. 👏👏

Steve B