Wetherby – Easingwold, Saturday 17th September 2022, 50 miles

Steve (Ride Captain), Mark, Glyn, Phil, Bob, Gavin and Sean met at the Shambles at 9am. I’d missed my breakfast because I’d forgotten the earlier Saturday start time until the last possible minute to get there.

The route, in typical Wheelers fashion, was slightly convoluted, heading first North to Knaresborough where we had a short stop to correct a slowly descending saddle on Gavin’s shiny new bike, then more North to Farnham and then to Boroughbridge via Staveley. After that, the 10 (11?) mile run to Easingwold for breakfast where we discussed stupid places we had seen people cycling such as the 3 Peaks and the Old Man of Hoy! Under interrogation, Glyn conceded that he actually meant the Old Man of Coniston (but still a pretty stupid place to take a bike).

The route home was simpler and with a flattering tailwind and we headed back via Aldwark Bridge.

The group split in 2 at Walton for the final few miles home. For me, the ride was just over 50 miles in total, which seemed about right for a Saturday.