Wetherby – Leyburn, Sunday 11th September 2022, 90 miles

Sunday ride to Leyburn, a good destination with scenic Market Place and a café, The Posthorn, which we have been going to for years. Pretty good turnout with Graham, Mark, Bob J, Geoff, Greg, Pete D, Frank, Simon and me, Nick.
A pleasant route up there, missing both Masham and Bedale with quiet roads. A bit cool at first but soon warming up. Should have taken a few photos but we kept moving and rolled up the little hill to the town centre in good time. The friendly waitress addressed everyone as “my love” and worked efficiently to get us all fed and watered. The way back was determined by Frank’s setting off first down the Market Place so we followed and continued past the Blue Lion pub at East Witton. You don’t see many blue lions – not in Yorkshire anyway.
From Masham, (for our American readers, this is pronounced Massam), we climbed over the moor to Grewelthorpe, and here we left our usual route by turning right intending to pass through Galphay which is a pretty village. Bob and Geoff in the lead either missed the Galphay sign a bit later, or they had other ideas. Being lemmings, we followed but then lost them. No problem – we passed Winksley and missed Laverton and the improvised route back to Ripon was very attractive so there were no complaints. we arrived at the Sun Parlour café to find Frank who had taken a shorter ride to avoid a few hills. Then Knaresborough and home.
89 miles for Simon and me and a few more for some of the others. A good day, confirming that Leyburn is a top destination.