Boston Spa – Fountains Abbey, Tuesday 13th September 2022, 55 miles

On Monday night, the WhatsApp group was full of reasons for not riding so I was not expecting a big turnout. Steve B and Pete D joined Mark for a 100+mile trip to the Wolds so, in the end, there were just four of us at Boston Spa: Bill K, John B, Simon and me (Keith). After a quick discussion, we agreed to head for Fountains Abbey with a coffee stop in Boroughbridge.

The weather was perfect – sunshine but not too warm and no wind as we made our way through Little Ribston and Knaresborough. We then took the road through Scriven which was the first of a number of pretty villages which looked perfect in the sun, before going through Burton Leonard with its grass squares and imposing trees. The views were tremendous – the North York Moors were as clear as I can remember and we could see clearly west to the Dales.

After crossing an unusually quiet A61, we went through Markington then up and over the hill to Fountains Abbey before making the most of the long downhill into Ripon. Lunch was taken sitting in the sun on the bandstand in Boroughbridge before the traditional brisk ride through the Dunsforths. Bill left us to head through Cowthorpe leaving the remaining three to head back to Bramham. (I forgot to mention that, not for the first time, Bramham fielded the majority of riders!).

If Carlsberg did bike rides, they would be like the one today – great weather, views and company!