Boston Spa – Allerthorpe Lake, Tuesday 6th September 2022, 62 miles

Frank, Nick, Pete D, Pete C, Keith and myself (Bill) turned up at 9:15 in Boston Spa for the ride to Allerthorpe knowing that there was possibility of getting wet at sometime during the day. Undaunted by this prospect we set off in good spirit in the direction of Walton and took the short route to Naburn Bridge via Wighill, and Copmanthorpe. On route we were joined by Graham who caught us up just before Healaugh.

As we continued the ride east toward Wheldrake the sky became ominously darker and by the time we reached Elvington any hopes of staying dry for the day were completely dispelled. The rain came down in stair rods, bouncing off the road, forcing us to take shelter under a tree as we put on our waterproofs. After 10 minutes or so the deluge eased enough to allow us to continue on through Sutton-on Derwent taking the road to Woodhouse Grange Cricket Club and Thornton. The rain returned with just as much ferocity as the previous downpour but by now there was not much point or indeed opportunity to shelter from it. As we rode the last couple of miles to Allerthorpe Park cafe on partially flooded roads, I reflected that I’d not been this wet on a bike since following Frank through Castley 10 years ago during a flood, with water up to his saddle bag.

We all enjoyed the food at Allerthorpe and a much dryer ride home. By the time we reached Copmanthorpe the sun was out. This prompted an outside coffee stop at the Little Acorns Cafe where all agreed that in spite of the conditions it had been a very enjoyable ride.