Wetherby – Fridaythorpe, Thursday, 25 August 2022, 87 miles

There were 10 starters on this ride as we headed to York and Dean’s Garden centre for the morning coffee stop. This was the turning point for Geoff, Bill, Sean and Nick. The remaining six headed off towards the Wolds and the one big climb of the day at Leavening. According to the weather forecast it was going to be a cloudy morning followed by a sunny afternoon.

At Thixendale we all stopped to discuss the route while I (Graham) put on my rain jacket. It had started to drizzle. We arrived at the Seaways cafe for an excellent lunch in the hope that the sun would appear for our return journey. The long route boys being Steve Ward, Glyn, Pete Dack, Mike Bosomworth, Michael Brawley and myself.

It was a chilly start as we set off towards Huggate, Millington Pastures and Millington village. Unfortunately, Steve managed to get a puncture as we were climbing out of the pastures and we were delayed for a while. This was no fun as the drizzle turned to rain rather than the hoped for sun shine. We decided we could improve our mood with a hot drink and a cake and consequently the pace went up as we headed for Wheldrake and cafe Valeria.

Refreshed we set off for Escrick where Pete left us and headed to Cawood. There was a golden hurrah however as the sun finally arrived to dry us out, as we took the shortest route for home. All was dry as I stepped in the house, all that is but for the shoes and socks.