Wetherby – Cawood & Naburn, Saturday 20th August 2022, 40 miles

With a stiff South westerly breeze I had decided a circuit round via Cawood seemed a sensible route.
Three of us, Bob Johnson, (a welcome addition to our Saturday ride), Alec Marley and myself met for a 9.00 am start at the Shambles. I had agreed to meet Bob Lunt at Bramham on our way out. I was expecting Gavin to be there but he didn’t show, so hope he is okay.

Setting off up the Walton road we then turned down Wood Lane to BS and onto Bramham where Bob was relaxing by the War Memorial. After a brief introduction to Bob J we headed up the hill to Toulson lane and towards Sutton. From there onto Ulleskelf and Cawood. The conversations covered Bob’s recent sortie to London and Edinburgh, holidaying in Scotland and France. Bob L and I reflected on the ferry crossing from Southampton to St Malo.

From Cawood we headed to Stillingfleet and Naburn where we crossed the Ouse. A brief discussion took place and we agreed on the Little Acorns for a cafe stop. On arrival we were clearly under dressed compared to everyone else who were enjoying breakfast priorities a day on the sauce at York Races.
Apart from Bob who had scrambled eggs on toast, the rest of us indulged in Sausage sandwiches with mushrooms, tomato sauce and in Alec’s case bacon as well.

The support of the wind had meant we were comfortably ahead of schedule so dancing in and out of the wind headed back to Walton where Alec and Bob L rode onto BS leaving Bob J and myself to complete the journey to Wetherby. A pleasant ride with good company and stimulating conversation. Thanks guys.

Steve B