Wetherby – Boroughbridge, Saturday 13th August 2022, 40 miles

Despite a bout of gout for over a week I had sufficiently recovered to lead Saturday’s club ride. I had picked an old favourite route so as to ease myself back into it.

The weather promised to be another hot one so extra liquid and sun bloc were the order of the day. Four intrepid souls indicated their eagerness and three others also joined the group making 8 in all, can’t remember the last time we had 8 out on a Saturday.

The A Team were Bob L, Pete C, Gavin, Mark, Glyn, Phil W, Geoff, (now there was a surprise), and me Steve B. On the dot we set off towards Knaresborough via Kirk Deighton and then Farnham.
My Garmin had accidentally sent an emergency notification home , presumably caused by the bouncing on a rough section of road, which resulted in me stopping to take a call and report I was fine. It occurred to me the last time I was leading I had managed to lose one rider off the back, today I had more in the group, did that mean I could lose two! Thankfully all was fine with everyone well behaved.

From Farnham we headed to Bishop Monkton and onto Boroughbridge for a stop at the cafe aptly called Plenty, which there was for those partial to sausage rolls. With an assortment of drinks, scones and cake we settled into a leisurely brunch having arrived in good time.

Alas all good things come to an end and with those under strict instructions to be home for 1 pm at the latest we set off back via the Dunsforths, however Geoff opted for the Minskip route and his route home. The remaining seven soldiered on as the heat intensified. Thankfully our resident tail end charlie continued to perform his usual caring, Mr Reliable, as Gavin started to feel unwell and ensured he was not left behind as the rest of us charged on. At Walton we regrouped and an issue of medicinal jelly babies seem to aid recovery. Thanks to Mark for making sure everyone arrived!

With the others heading towards BS, I accompanied Gavin back to Wetherby who seemed to be feeling better.

Thanks to all for a good morning’s riding and as I am on duty again next Saturday an early warning ⚠️

Steve B